Sara Pascale


I have a degree in Kinesiology from Wheaton College. I played basketball throughout my high school and college experience, and through that, fell in love with training and good nutrition. I've worked as a personal trainer, healthy lifestyle coach, and group fitness instructor since 2002. I'm a L1 CrossFit Coach, USA weightlifting Certified Coach, Certified Zumba Instructor, and in the process of getting my Precision Nutrition Coaching Cerification.



tacos & brownies

beaches & travel

laughter & celebrations

nearly all kinds of fitness

art, fashion, & cosplay

family, friends, & all people

my church & my Jesus




not getting enough sleep

putting away laundry

cleaning (unless its a barbell)

over cooked steak






Love Fitness. Love Food. Love People. Love Life. Fitness professional, homeschooling Mom of 3, Daughter of the King.