6 week challenge!

Everything in moderation —

except joy

Have that to the full




Sara Pascale


Lift, Run, Eat, Dance, Live. Fulljoy.


What if you could love your workouts? What if you could enjoy every meal you eat? What if you could love every season of your life, and every part of you just as you are? Let's see the beauty, find the fun, spread the love, and live life to the full.

Join the movement, and let me take you there.


Being healthy isn't rocket science. There are many different ways of exercising and eating that can work. You can absolutely find something you love - and if it brings joy, you will do it for life.

Sara Pascale

Sara Pascale

Coach, Trainer, aka

"The Fitness Matchmaker"

Are you ready to give up miserable fad workouts and diets, and find the way of exercising and eating that was made for you? Here at Fulljoy Fitness, we take you on a journey of exploration to enhance your life, your health, your energy, and your ultimately your joy.

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Love Fitness. Love Food. Love People. Love Life. Fitness professional, homeschooling Mom of 3, Daughter of the King.